Cake Decorating Courses

Group 1: Age 9-11 Time 10:30-12  Group 2: Age 12-16 Time 12:30-2:30

Course 1 Learning The Basics

Week 1

Cupcake Piping Techniques

Learning how to pipe on to cupcakes using various nozzles and techniques.

Brush Embroidery
Learning the method of using quick, gentle brushstrokes to pull lines of royal icing so that it resembles lace

Royal Icing Piping Techniques

Learning how to write, pipe shells, basket weave and rope pipe

Week 2

All about Cupcakes the children will be:

  • Revisiting Buttercream Piping
  • Learning Domed Cupcake Methods
  • Cupcake Toppers

Week 3

Making a 3D Model Cake Topper this will involve:

  • Making an Animal Model
  • Learning the difference between Sugar Paste, Pastillage, Mexican Paste, Flower & Modelling Paste and their uses.
  • How to use the various modelling tools

Week 4

Introduction to Sugar Floristry:

  • Children will be learning various methods and techniques to make roses
  • Learn how to thin petals by hand and by using a ball tool
  • Learn how to use Lustre Dusts to enhance flowers
  • Learn the difference between the edible and non-edible lustre dusts and glitters

Week 5

Learning how to cover a round cake:

  • Learning how to crumb coat and the importance of crumb coating a cake
  • How to knead and roll out the icing
  • Covering and smoothing the icing
  • Using skills and items made during week 1-4 to decorating the cake
  • Receive level 1 certificate for completing the course
  • Short celebration at the end of class.

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